понедељак, 10. децембар 2012.

Arcadian Knights IV- When we were young

Unrequited homicide

Izuzetna i veoma slozena prica o zaveri u drustvu bliske buducnosti. Projekat koji je krajem 2011. godine zapoceo prilicno neobavezno, stigao je do svoje trece epizode. U 2013.godini ocekujem objavljivanje i veliki uspeh ovog stripa autora Den Bredli Kinga --- Exceptional and very complex story about the conspiracy in the near future society. The project, which started pretty casually in late 2011, has come to its third episode. In the 2013. I expect releasing and great success of this comic written by Dan Bradley King

Temporal Law progress color by Veronica Smith

уторак, 27. новембар 2012.

Temporal Law

I year ago, I met a guy, Chris Wellman who asked me to join as a penciller to his team gathered around the comic project "Temporal Law". We did fantastic job creating 21 wonderful pages but, due to some complications it was all put on hiatus. Since anything what's good must not be abandoned, Chris mailed me recently with proposal to start all again. I delightedly accepted so, here we are. Ladies and gentleman, Temporal Law
While I worked at the Belgrade book fair, a girl suddenly appeared in front of my stand. Unfortunately, that happened only in my imagination:)

Arcadian Knights III City of delusion

понедељак, 29. октобар 2012.

Arcadian Knights

U saradnji sa scenaristom po imenu Garrett Free iz Pensilvanije USA, od oktobra 2011 godine radim na stripu Arcadian Knights. Na ovoj stranici možete saznati sve o ovom projektu http://www.arcadianknightscomic.com/. Objavljene su tri epizode. The house of wolves, Cemetery drive i City of delusion. Iako koristi neke elemente horora, ovo je u stvari melodrama. Priča o čoveku koji je zbog trenutka slabosti osudjen na život kao likantrop. Pružena mu je šansa da se vrati svom normalnom životu i svojoj ženi ali po svoj prilici cena će biti previsoka. --- In collaboration with scriptwriter Garrett Free from Pennsylvania, USA, since October 2011, I have worked on the graphic novel Arcadian Knights. On this webpage you may find out all about this project http://www.arcadianknightscomic.com/. Three issues were published. The house of wolves, Cemetery Drive and City of delusion. Though it contains some elements of horror, this is actually a melodrama. The story of a man who is, due to the moment of weakness, sentenced to life as lycantrop. He was given the chance to return to his normal life and his wife, but apparently, the price will be too high.